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About TTC

Technology Transition Corporation (TTC) provides advocacy and consulting services to the renewable and clean energy industries. Since 1986, we have partnered with companies and built coalitions to advance the development of energy technologies. Our clients include Fortune 100 corporations, start-ups, leading universities, and government agencies.

Strategic Partners

TTC has formed strong alliances with experts in public relations, marketing, technology, environment, water, and government affairs firms to augment TTC staff and help provide our clients with a full range of services. Please contact us if you're interested in becoming a TTC strategic partner.

Our Current Partners

Douglas L. Faulkner

Douglas L. Faulkner (Biomass)

Area of Expertise: Strategic management consulting to companies or organizations seeking federal or state financial assistance, private sector investments or  partnerships.
Position: President and Founder, Leatherstocking LLC
Location: Arlington, VA
Contact: faulkner@leatherstockingllc.com or 703-237-7923

Doug brought business to TTC in which TTC collaborated with Leatherstocking to help a client write a $12 M cost-shared DOE proposal, and respond to DOE’s need for clarification after submission.

Summary of capabilities: Assist clients with preparation of proposals for government funding, contract negotiations and project implementations; draw from extensive contacts for partner recommendations; connect clients to private sector investors and advise in the process of fundraising
Karen Hall

Karen Hall (Safety Codes and Standards)

Area of Expertise: Hydrogen and fuel cell safety codes and standards development, both domestic and international
Position: Safety Codes and Standards Specialist
Location: Northeastern USA
Contact: khall@ttcorp.com or 202-308-2353

Karen provided expert technical support in preparing a client proposal to by DOE  on biosolids processing; Karen led codes, standards, and regulations development for the TTC-managed National Hydrogen Association for over 10 years.

Summary of capabilities: Hydrogen energy safety, codes and standards development for the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association; organizes and conducts workshops and seminars for clients to advance knowledge and enhance information dissemination on best practices, codes, standards, and regulations to facilitate deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

James Provenzano

James Provenzano (Environment)

Area of Expertise: Environmental analysis and policy
Position: Executive Director, Clean Air Now
Southern California
Contact: jjpro@cleanairnow.us or 310-472-8633

James is TTC's Senior Consultant in California for the California Hydrogen Business Council.

Summary of capabilities: Environmental policy advocacy; teacher training (international and U.S.); outreach to environmental communities; public health and safety outreach; speaks Mandarin; local participation in California meetings and representation of a client before state agencies; providing advice on California legislative, regulatory and other opportunities and challenges as they may relate to technology change and the environment
Patrick Rita

Patrick Rita (Public Policy Advocacy)

Area of Expertise: Biomass and other energy sector public policy and relations consulting and government relations consulting
Position: Principal & Founder, Orion Advocates
Washington, DC
Contact: prita@orionadvocates.com or 202-261-1324

Pat identified the Renewable Energy Markets Association (REMA) RFP, seeking management services for the Association and helped connect the group to TTC.

Summary of capabilities: Over 20 years of Capitol Hill experience with public policy on a wide range of issues;  advocates at the state level before state legislatures and state executive branch officials.