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About TTC

Technology Transition Corporation (TTC) provides advocacy and consulting services to the renewable and clean energy industries and provide association management support to trade and professional associations. Since 1986, we have partnered with companies and built coalitions to advance the development of energy technologies. Our clients include Fortune 100 corporations, start-ups, leading universities, and government agencies.


Our clients rely on our decades of experience in emergent energy technologies like solar, wind, hydrogen fuel cells, biomass and biogas. In addition to energy-related work, customers benefit from our expertise in event and competition management.

Water Resources and Development Experience

Technology Transition Corporation and its partners have over three decades of experience in water resources development, science and technology advocacy and implementation, disaster reduction management, coalition building and organizational leadership. TTC can provide a variety of services to agencies, companies and NGOs to meet their water needs.

Water Expertise and Technical Capabilities

Water Expertise and Technical Capabilities
  • Audit of 16,000+ waste water treatment facilities with Water Environment Federation to determine biogas yield from anaerobic digestion
  • Support to industry through product development in creation of technology (see our interactive map displaying energy production capabilities at wastewater treatment facilities)
  • Regional, national and international leadership experience in strategic water-related planning
  • Executive experience in managing and administrating water and regulatory policy at the US national level and capability to extend experience to country-specific politics
  • Federal senior executive experience in managing multi-million and billion dollar programs related to water, the environment and disaster management
  • Water resource and navigation professional certifications with expertise and experience in flood control, water supply, navigation, ecosystems, hydraulic structures and coastal processes
  • Capability to bring decades of experience in economic growth and energy to water-energy nexus

Program and Planning Support

Program and Planning Support
  • Product review for technical soundness and feasibility of water-related technologies and solutions for conserving and protecting aquatic ecosystems
  • Facilitation and support to strategic planning in water-related areas
  • Demonstrated capability in tech transfer, learning and training support
  • Demonstrated capability in conference and workshop planning and execution involving diverse interests
  • Ability to organize public and private institutional events to obtain buy-in from the public and other interests
  • Support of market-based approaches which employ novel technologies, different business approaches and energy efficiency
  • Assessment of financing, legal, and novel business approaches including new business models
  • Performance monitoring and standards development
  • Demonstrated experience in Program Evaluation and Review

Strong Partnerships

  • Strong partnership capabilities, bringing to the table clean and renewable energy organizations with extension and direct relationships with water sector-related associations, including the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, Water Environment Federation and others
  • Have led numerous national level programs across the Executive Branch and served on many intergovernmental and interagency committees related to water and disaster management
  • Demonstrated track record of leveraging partnerships with stakeholder organizations to promote innovation and cooperation
  • Management of $60 M ($18 M federal funding) industry and government commercialization initiative

Case Study: BMW

Need: BMW, one of the world pre-eminent auto makers needed to conduct in-person learning experiences for over 600 leaders and influencers in a new hydrogen vehicle.

Solution: In a timeframe of approximately two months, TTC created and managed sessions involving up to half a dozen alternative fueled vehicles, inviting local leaders to ride in or drive one of BMW's Hydrogen 7 cars. Drivers included Admiral Skip Bowman, President and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute; Michael Holland, Senior Budget Examiner, Energy Branch, Office of Management and Budget; Jim Rogers, Chairman, President, and CEO of Duke Energy, and Christine Todd-Whitman, Former EPA Administrator and Governor of New Jersey.

Organizations as diverse as fire stations, energy related trade associations, Executive and Congressional offices, the World Bank and investment companies were provided direct and detailed information about the vehicles and hydrogen and fuel cell industries. In nearly every case, the conversations about hydrogen that resulted from having the vehicles present were positive ones. After conversations with TTC staff, viewers who appeared to be skeptical of the benefits of hydrogen, or its commercial viability, were generally able to understand other benefits of which they were not previously aware.

Key Outcomes

  • Connected with 66 trained or supervised drivers, many of whom took the vehicle for at least one overnight
  • Reached 91 riders and 485 "active viewers" with whom staff had a personal conversation about the vehicle
  • Developed list of over 350 influencing organizations in the Washington Area with potential drivers for hydrogen vehicles
NHA Online Tools

Case Study: Fuel Cell Product Catalog and Hydrogen Fueling Station Database

Need: The hydrogen and fuel cell industry had no listing of operational and future fueling stations — a key indicator of the state of the transportation sector. There was also no listing of the currently available products for sale. This created an education problem and the public and policymakers often assumed that there were very few or no operational fueling stations and that commercial products would only come in the future.

Solution: The National Hydrogen Association hired TTC to collect data and custom built two interactive online tools that would allow users to search for fueling stations and products that were relevant to them. Staff kept design costs low and managed operational costs by creating database-driven online tools that could be updated easily at any time.

Key Outcomes

  • Developed mechanism that allowed anyone to add information about a newly-announced station or product, with a quality control step that allowed staff to review the information before it became publicly viewable
  • Created a user-friendly interface that appears to be totally integrated into the organization's website
  • Received dozens of media mentions by major publications each year without any proactive outreach
  • Created a web presence that drove nearly 2,000 visitors to the organization's website each month