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About TTC

Technology Transition Corporation (TTC) provides advocacy and consulting services to the renewable and clean energy industries and provide association management support to trade and professional associations. Since 1986, we have partnered with companies and built coalitions to advance the development of energy technologies. Our clients include Fortune 100 corporations, start-ups, leading universities, and government agencies.

Association Management

Leading a group of divergent stakeholders toward a shared goal can be difficult. Over a dozen professional associations have called on us over the years to help. We have a deep background in coordinating Board-level activities, establishing bylaws, developing new members and retaining existing ones, managing large and small meetings, and providing financial support and oversight.

American Biogas Council

Case Study: American Biogas Council

Need: In 2010, a group of 22 companies, large and small, wanted an industry trade association to represent biogas and anaerobic digestion interests in the U.S. No such organization existed, yet the untapped business potential in the U.S. was substantial: over 10,000 new sites for new biogas systems had been identified--a significant opportunity for growth over the approximately 1,500 in operation. For comparison, the biogas industry in Europe had already experienced success with over 10,000 biogas-producing digesters in operation and companies wanted to build an even larger business in the U.S. When the 22 companies approached TTC, they had already met a few times informally at conferences and by telephone. They were ready to apply their energy to grow the industry, but lacked the experience in building a coalition that would have the appropriate structure for growth and professionalism that other companies would immediately support.

Solution: Based on our experience building and managing trade associations, the 22 companies approached TTC and together we formed the American Biogas Council (ABC) a few weeks later. TTC has been managing the American Biogas Council since its inception in 2010, including providing its Executive Director and managing a separate contractor who provides lobbying services.

Key Outcomes in the first 12 months

  • The first and only trade association dedicated to biogas and anaerobic digestion.
  • Grew the ABC from 22 organizations to more than 100 in the first year.
  • Legislative: Biogas included in 3 pieces of new legislation, including a request from a U.S. Senator to help write a new biogas tax credit
  • Outreach: The ABC was included in the feature article of Popular Science (July 2011), invited to brief the chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, spoke at half a dozen conferences and welcomed nearly 200,000 visits to its new website

National Hydrogen Association

Case Study: National Hydrogen Association

Need: In 1988, a group of approximately 60 corporations, research institutions, environmental organizations and government offices met to assess the feasibility of creating a market for hydrogen and fuel cell systems. To do this, they needed to assemble a group of widely diverse stakeholders, including fuel cell manufacturers, auto makers, energy companies, and R&D groups.

Solution: The group decided to coordinate their efforts with TTC's guidance, forming the National Hydrogen Association (NHA). TTC was hired because of their extensive knowledge of fuel cells and hydrogen, and was indispensible in helping identify and empower the diverse members of the hydrogen community. The NHA retained the management services of Technology Transition Corporation during its entire 22-year life.

Key Outcomes

  • Grew the NHA from 10 organizations and a $40,000 budget to an international trade membership association of 103 members, 20 affiliates, a budget of more than a million dollars per year, and a name recognized around the world
  • Managed the longest-running annual hydrogen event in the world, the largest hydrogen event in the U.S., and the networking event for the hydrogen energy community.
  • Worked to successfully integrate hydrogen into the U.S. Code and Tax Code, and to secure funding for hydrogen and fuel cells in the Department of Energy's budget
NHA History Report

NHA History Report

In 1988, a group of approximately 60 individuals representing various corporations, research institutions, environmental organizations and government offices met at the Electric Power Research Institute in Palo Alto, CA to assess the feasibility of capitalizing on the properties of hydrogen as a clean carrier of energy. The group determined, “Industry is interested in the greater use of hydrogen. To compete worldwide in future hydrogen systems, we need to organize and coordinate our efforts now, before it is too late.” This was the impetus for the group that later became the National Hydrogen Association (NHA).

TTC staff were tasked with writing a report on the history of the organization, including the most valuable accomplishment of the group: to identify and convene the diverse members of the hydrogen community and give them voice. Download report >>